Forge Day

Yesterday I had the forge fired up and made a few things. Here are the pics.

A Self Defense keychain

A Simple S-Hook – I tend to make these at the end of the session out of whatever small pieces that are leftover/laying around

Coat Hooks – this is my first time making them like this. I like how they turned out

I’ll fire the forge up again tomorrow to make more items, mot likely candle holder stands for the hand blown candle holders that I make.
Here is a pic of one that I posted before

and also more S-hooks. they seem to sell pretty well.

Knife Project

I was meaning to keep up with my last post and post pics of it as I progress, but needless to say that I didn’t manage to do that.

To make up for it here’s a pic of a couple of knives I completed Saturday.
They are made out of 15n20 High Carbon Steel with Bocote Wood handles.
The blades are 3-1/2 inches long with an approx. overall length of 7-1/2″

I have a bunch of different knife in various stages of progress (maybe I’ll take a pic of my workbench and show them), that I will get back to working on when it gets a bit warmer (no heat in the shop makes it difficult to spend much time out there).

Knife Project

getting back into knife making so I’m attempting to document while I’m making it. I’m using the metal removal method for this one.

Here is a pic of the steel that I’m using. I’m not sure what steel it is because I got it at an industrial surplus store. I believe it’s also a little too thick. measuring in at .250″ thick it looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me.

The starting piece of steel

Laying out the shape of the knife onto the steel. It helps to draw your design out on paper first, cut it out, and trace the outline into the steel with a sharpie.

Cut the outlined knife from the blank with an angle grinder. then cut it out of that close to the outline.

here it is before I cleanup the edges and start grinding the bevel into the blade

Next step, the grinder. I’ll post that one when I make progress there

Pics from the Forge day

I’ve actually had several forge days since the last post and now I’m finally getting around to posting some pics.
Here are some pics of bottle openers I made from railroad spikes

bottle openers photo IMG_0778_zpsfb3d89aa.jpg

Here is a pic of a single Spike bottle opener

bottle opener

and here is a pic of a Railroad spike knife I just finished this morning

spike knife

as I make more things I’ll update this post

Forge day – new projects on the forge

Had a forge day last week (actually two of them) and started making things out of railroad spikes. I met someone a few weeks ago who owns a railroad salvage yard and now I have a huge supply of railroad spikes!
Sorry for the bad pictures, I used my cell phone to take them.

Here is a pic of what left of one of the buckets that was full.

Before I got started working the spikes I dug out and made a stand for my leg vise. I also put a 100 pound piece of steel on the back of the base to help stabilize it.

here is a shot of my forge setup.

Heating the spikes up

Here’s a sht of the forge with a few spike in there after I had added a twist to them

A shot of the finished products. The bent spikes are coat hooks and the straight ones are bottle openers

at the end of the two days I had made a couple dozen of each and now I’m selling them. If you are interested contact me by email or comment here with your email and I’ll get in touch. Please help support my forge habit!

Family Names

20 years ago when Michele and I got married we were given a simple wall hanger that was made of 2 boards with our first name routed in each one and then connected with a couple pieces of dowel rod. Many years ago in one of our many moves they got broken and in figuring out the best way to repair them we also decided to add to them since our family had grown. I decided to remake them entirely and here is the results.

First I started with 2 oak boards

The following steps were done with the help of my Friend Scott, who I am helping out with the Starcastle project.

The boards are taped with blue tape to help prevent tear out
boards taped 2

The were then mounted to the cnc router and cut after I decided on what font to use.
km cut

am cut

The boards after they were finished cutting
finished cut

Before removing the blue tape I cleaned up and sanded the names then painted them black.

Blue tape removed, cut to size, sanded, and waiting for the clear coat to dry.

Once they are dry, I’ll attach them together and hang them, then post a photo of that
Thanks for looking

Cut the Cord!

Last month we finally cut the cord. No more cable tv. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Instead of all of the channels with nothing on we pretty much watch what we want when we want.
Here is how our setup is done.
We have a Digital antenna to receive the free over the air channels (did you know that there over 50+ channels available that way?)
Hulu+ and Netflix to get movies and tv shows
Apple tv 2nd Gen. so we can view the shows on the tv and stream content from the computer
iMac for organizing the content and to stream stuff that is not on Hulu+ or Netflix. things like Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, etc… using airstream

I have to say that this setup was extremely easy to figure out and setup. We actually have less remotes and less boxes with blinking light in the entertainment center. The only drawback is that there is no way to really watch sports (well, there is but I leave that up to you to figure out) legitimately. Some of the other issues that needed getting used to is that you have to do a little research on what you want to watch. Basically you will find yourself missing the on screen tv guide with the program info from the cable company. Once you get your favorites on Hulu+ and your queue on Netflix setup you can pretty much always find something you’re in the mood to watch.
Right now we don’t have a way to pause live tv or to dvr anything, but, I’ll figure that out if we need to do that. so far it hasn’t really been necessary.
The cost savings are huge and it has been a pretty painless and kinda fun experience. I’m definitely watching things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

First piece of furniture

I just finished the first piece of furniture for the house up north. I made a little table for wherever Michele wants to put in the house.
This is my first attempt at any type of “real” furniture and also my first attempt at fretwork with the scroll saw. I made this out of maple and it has a clear poly finish. this was a lot of fun and I did a LOT of sanding by hand. I didn’t take any picture of it in progress other than this first one.

Here are some shots of the finished table

A shot showing the fretwork a little better

Now to build the rest of the house worths of furniture. A bed, dressers, dining table, chairs, buffet, kitchen cabinets, china cabinet, coffee table, end tables, night stand, etc…