Results from my last glass studio session

Yes, even more pictures of the glass that I’ve been making. This time it’s a few more shot glasses and mainly large size paperweights. Following are the pictures. the colors aren’t perfect, I did take the pictures with my phone after all.
All of my glass is for sale and if you are interested please feel free to contact me. As always comments and thoughts are welcome.

The shot glasses. They aren’t perfectly round or straight but I think that adds to the character.



















Even more glass paperweights

Picked up my latest batch of glass while I went in for some more studio time last night. The ones with the white “sand” looking color are glow in the dark. the glow powder didn’t seem to want to melt in very well. This is probably one of the most fun and frustrating things working with glass, you do not know what the piece of going to look like once it’s out of the annealer. These paperweights are the small ones. With this last set I also made some shot glasses.
Let me know what you think.



















My visit to Milwaukee Blacksmith

In October I was able to go visit a blacksmith in nearby Milwaukee,Wi. the owner of the shop Kent “the Colonel” Knapp was kind enough to let me invade his shop, see some of his works in progress, and I actually got to help out with a couple of them. He also let me finish off one of my projects using his forge because it was too large for my forge.The project I finished off was the plant hangar that I had written about in my previous post. Here is the link to their Facebook page – Milwaukee Blacksmith
Kent and the gang are almost always doing live demos and running blacksmithing classes. I highly recommend that if you have the time and are in the Milwaukee area check them out.
I did get a chance to take a couple of pics with my phone while I was there. Here they are

A good view of the forge side of the shop

Kent getting ready to pull a piece out of the forge

A couple shots of Kent working a twist into a handle


I’ll be heading back up there Nov 22nd to take a class and hang out with them for a bit.

Plant Hanger

Here is a Plant hanger I made for a customer that I cannot get a hold of, so this item is currently for sale. it is hand forged out of a solid 1/2″ square bar 4′ long. the finished dimensions are roughly 2′ tall x 20″. it has mounting holes so you can mount it on a wall or post
Here are a couple of pics (excuse the quality, these were taken with my phone)
plant hanger
leaf detail

if you are interested in purchasing this you can contact me at

Forge Day

Yesterday I had the forge fired up and made a few things. Here are the pics.

A Self Defense keychain

A Simple S-Hook – I tend to make these at the end of the session out of whatever small pieces that are leftover/laying around

Coat Hooks – this is my first time making them like this. I like how they turned out

I’ll fire the forge up again tomorrow to make more items, mot likely candle holder stands for the hand blown candle holders that I make.
Here is a pic of one that I posted before

and also more S-hooks. they seem to sell pretty well.

Knife Project

I was meaning to keep up with my last post and post pics of it as I progress, but needless to say that I didn’t manage to do that.

To make up for it here’s a pic of a couple of knives I completed Saturday.
They are made out of 15n20 High Carbon Steel with Bocote Wood handles.
The blades are 3-1/2 inches long with an approx. overall length of 7-1/2″

I have a bunch of different knife in various stages of progress (maybe I’ll take a pic of my workbench and show them), that I will get back to working on when it gets a bit warmer (no heat in the shop makes it difficult to spend much time out there).

Knife Project

getting back into knife making so I’m attempting to document while I’m making it. I’m using the metal removal method for this one.

Here is a pic of the steel that I’m using. I’m not sure what steel it is because I got it at an industrial surplus store. I believe it’s also a little too thick. measuring in at .250″ thick it looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me.

The starting piece of steel

Laying out the shape of the knife onto the steel. It helps to draw your design out on paper first, cut it out, and trace the outline into the steel with a sharpie.

Cut the outlined knife from the blank with an angle grinder. then cut it out of that close to the outline.

here it is before I cleanup the edges and start grinding the bevel into the blade

Next step, the grinder. I’ll post that one when I make progress there