Cigar Style Pens

Cigar style pens are the "fatter" style of twist pens.

They usually weigh more and tend to show off the material that they are made of better.

If you see a style you like but want a different type of wood or resin please feel free to ask for it.

All of the pens are handcrafted and are unique.

Item #GR001

Grenadilla w/Gold Hardware

Price $40.00

Item #MB001

Mallee Burl w/Chrome hardware

Price $40.00

Item #TU001

Tulipwood w/Chrome and Black hardware

Price $40.00

Item #PS001

Purple and various color Segmented w/Chrome hardware

Price $40.00

Item #PH001

Purpleheart w/Gold hardware

Price $40.00

Item #RB001

Red acrylic swirl w/Black hardware

Price $40.00

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